Single View App best practice

Hello All,

I wonder what’s the best practice to develop a Single View app with multiple functions by using Groups in a single page and just play with the display and hidden, or creating new pages for each function and having all menus stays the same in all multiple pages?

Example a Point Of Sales system, Cashier showing all items and then when I click into Membership, it loads into the Membership page?

Thanks in advance

I think it depends in part on how much data each page has to load. If each page/view has a lot of data to load, it may not be a good user experience to load everything all up front. On the other hand, you could display a progress spinner or something similar, and then the user only has to wait for one load.

As far as building the pages, using re-usable elements for each view can be helpful, just for organization. It’s also much easier to build the views in isolation, so that you don’t have tons of items overlapping each other all the time. If the amount of data loaded (from the DB, or APIs, etc.) is pretty minimal, using hidden/visible leads to a quicker UI and better UX, I find.

thank you very much!
it sounds like a bit of mix and match can be helpful as well for certain minimal functions

this actually raise my second question:

What if login as different levels of user account, is it better to use Groups for display and hidden for certain functions?

For example Point Of Sales system, in Cashier function, Staff account able to select/barcode scan items and checkout; in Admin account able to do the same thing but with higher level account, Admin able to perform Refund; so the Refund will it be better to work in a Single page with Display and Hidden for Admin logins?

Thanks in advance

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