Slider bar needs dynamic values

Can the bubble team make the slider bar min and max settings dynamic? I’m feeding catalog items into a group where an agent will have the option to select a minimum price to maximum price by sliding the slider for the product. Depending on the product they have previously chosen will determine the sliders minimum and maximum values. This is an imperative function to fully complete my project. Is there any way you guys can implement this functionality?

We just pushed that :slight_smile:


can you make it so the min/max can be set via database value? this way it will persist when the page changes etc. think of it like setting an equalizer for a radio.

Hey @jnbridges,
I’m not sure if i get you question but you can set the min and max for a slider as dynamic values.
When you click the min or max fields it allow you to do a “Search for” …
where you can pick your values from the database or from any other source

Right. That is not working for me.

A couple of things happening. The expression goes on forever, If i just give it a min, the min will sometimes display some movement but there is no logic to what it is doing. Once you add a max, the whole thing stops responding. And once you refresh the page, it goes back to its default and does not display the min/max values from the database. I think its a bug.