Slug disappear from URL


Currently when a user logs in to my dashboard the url is the following:, which is great. However, the user can also access the page by just typing and then the slug is gone. I want the slug to always be visible in the url, how do i do this?


There’s really no need to include the user ID in the url (unless the intention is to allow users to access other user’s dashboards)…

Is that the intention here?

If it is then the question doesn’t really make any sense - if you want to allow Users to access other User’s dashboards, but they don’t enter the User ID in the URL, then how will you define which User’s dashboard they are looking at?

And if your Users can only access their own dashboard, then there’s no point/need including the User ID in the URL… although if, for some reason, you really want to you could just redirect to the same page including the current user’s id in the URL - but I’m not sure what the point of that would be.

Users can only access their own dashboards, it was mostly for my own sanity, i think it looks a lot better :smiley: