Soc 2 compliance

Building an application that requires soc 2 compliance.

Have noticed that Webflow recently adopted it.

Would like to know if this is already achieved by the Bubble team, and if not if there are plans to add it within the next two quarters.




Sometimes tagging the team helps. I know Data can be managed differently from app to app so I’m curious if the platform as a whole would be considered compliant or if each one has to audited based on use of privacy rules.

Looking forward to our meeting, Kevin.

What about SOC 3 compilance in the similar case? And what is the key difference in compare with SOC 2? According to this sourse and many others I’ve read that security control focus works again at a specific time point. Is it true?


I’d like to bump the topic of Bubble obtaining SOC2 compliance up!

As shared in the April 2022 update, security was listed as one of the priorities for the Bubble team. Any ETA on reaching SOC2/type 1? @josh