Social Network login via API - Any solution?

Hi All

I am trying to build a native app via Flutter using Bubble as backend. I discovered that API workflows do not have any option for “Login via Social Network”. This is a big setback as it is a key feature of my app. I’m done with the developer account setup in FB and I’m able to get the user credentials once the user logs in via FB but how can I log the user in Bubble ?

Does anyone have a solution ? I did see older posts with a similar question but no solution.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi HappyHolz,

Here is a video about how to connect Facebook login to Bubble

Evan )

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Thanks @253digital.This is very useful if the apps are fully designed (front & back end) within Bubble.

In my case I am using Bubble only as a backend. Hence I am using the Backend API workflows to perform most of the DB functions such as signup and login. Unfortunately as you can see in the screenshot backend API workflows do not have the option for “Login via Social Network”.

I was wondering if there is a way to getting around this via the API Connector or something ? Any pointers would be helpful.

hey, did you find a solution I’m facing the same problem now :sweat_smile: