SOLVED: Allow user to click text in order to change video source

I’m trying to figure out the simplest way to allow a user to change the (Vimeo) video source. To keep things clean, I’m trying to use 1 Video element and several Text elements to accomplish this, rather than multiple Video elements.

I figured custom states on the video would be the way to go, but when I choose “Text… is pressed” it doesn’t behave how I would expect (as you can see from my current demo):

Here’s the editor:

Any ideas? Thanks!

Phil, try this:

  1. Put the video element in a group (if it’s not already in one or already in a pop-up.)
  2. Set the type of the group/pop-up to Text
  3. Set the Vimeo ID field in the video element to = parent group’s text.
  4. Create a workflow for when each of those texts are clicked - your 1,2,3 texts. For example: When text 1 is clicked > display data in the group that contains the video element. Data value = the first video ID. When text 2 is clicked > value = second ID, etc.

So you’re sending the video IDs to the group and the video element just changes dynamically every time the workflow is triggered. You could have done this with custom states too, but this cuts out the need to manage a custom state and/or work with conditions.

That worked! Thanks Gaby, I hoped there would be a way without using custom states. I’ve updated my demo in case anyone needs help with this in the future. Thanks again!

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