[SOLVED] Bubble down or just me?

@Josh - Now I’m getting the same error on your bug report page!!

What the heck do I do now?? :smiley:

Hi, is the iTunes plugin one of those plugins?

Restarting does nothing. Found anything @josh?


Getting all these console errors now:

And https://status.bubble.is/ isn’t showing anything :thinking:


And now, just a full-on failure to load :frowning:

Still just editor for me. Any update? I’ve got a deadline of tomorrow, and was going to finish the last bit today.

No deadline here, but no editor at all after short access for a few minutes…

@josh @emmanuel, anyone from Bubble, any update?

What’s going on Bubble?

Okay, seems to work on a VPN set in the US. Weird.

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Same thing here: working with a VPN in the US!

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Same here. Can’t access my app. London.

Hey guys – thanks for the data and bug reports. As best we can tell, there’s an issue somewhere in between Bubble’s systems and parts of the UK and Europe that’s leading to unusually slow connections, causing things to time out or fail to load. Unfortunately, it looks like it affects parts of the network between Bubble and Europe that we don’t have direct control over, so I’m not sure how long it will take to resolve it – we can’t just go in and fix things. I’m still investigating to isolate exactly what the error is. I’m going to put up on message on status.bubble.is suggesting using a VPN as a workaround for now while we continue to look into it.


Thanks for the update, will continue to use VPN for now.

Can you confirm if this is related to the issue you described?

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I can confirm it is not related. I saw your bug report about the iTunes plugin – we’ll investigate and get back to you, but it’s a separate issue. My comment above it about this network issue only affecting certain plugins / apps was speculation, and it turns out it’s incorrect: it affects certain networks / geography

Ok thanks!

Thanks @Josh - I appreciate the quick response!

Thank you Josh!

I wonder, is there a chance Bubble could have a shared cluster located in Europe to prevent these sort of things in the future?

Perhaps having such a cluster could improve overall slowness (in bigger apps)?