[SOLVED] Click area of circular group


i have a group that contains a text and an icon. On this group I’ve added an action that I want to execute when a user click on whenever spot into the group but now it works only if I click on the very extreme borders of the group. Nothing happens if I click inside on the icon for example.

Please help


It sounds like the icon isn’t part of the group. The solution is to select the icon then move it just a bit so that it’s put into the group. Then, re-position it as needed.

Once it’s part of the group, then clicking any item in the group should trigger workflows tied to that group.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve checked the tree and it looks like into the group, isn’t it?

EVENT is set on “G For you” group


Looks like it is.

What’s the circle? Is that the group itself or is that another element that might be on top of the group?

Hi @sridharan.s, I think it was a temp bug of that group because I’ve just duplicated another group and changed the contend, and now it’s working.


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