[Solved] Column order in CSV export ....Again

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It looks like I am having an issue with the order of the columns on the csv download as well. There are a few of these discussion posted but most of them are closed. Is there a way to re-open a discussion on this topic? I have tried renaming my data fields to be alphabetized but it doesn’t work.

I might have to recreate a database from scratch to get the order correct and then transfer all my data over once I have created a new app. Surely there is a better way to get the csv download to order the columns properly.

It looks like the easiest way to go about this is to create new fields in your database using the alphabetical names that you need to get the fields to be ordered. Once the new fields are named in a way they are ordered the way you need in a csv download, you then need to create a workflow to transfer data from the old field to the new field.

The database names remain static to the original name first given them upon creation, so editing them later on does not affect the ordering of their placement on the csv download.


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