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(solved) Creating an arrow on Carousel image

Hi folks,

I have a Carousel with two pictures. I am aware that I can use the default arrow or the navigation dots on the picture frame. Both options seems to squeeze my picture. I disabled both the options and now I have a full frame picture. Question is: Can I add an arrow icon
like this and tell the arrow that when it is pressed, slide to the next picture. I saw that in the Tinder plugin but don’t see any option to do in the Carousel.

Many thanks


Make the Arrow buttons of carousel image to transparent (#000000). Later add the arrows as displayed above from the icons section and place it on the actual arrow of carousel image then right click send to back. so now if you click the arrow icons it actually pressing the arrow of Carousel image.

I think this should work.

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Thanks Samuel. That helps

Is there a way to get the arrows “included” in the picture? If you turn on arrows, bubble adds a column on each side and picture won’t fill the whole frame.

No there isn’t currently.

Got it. Thanks.