[SOLVED] How to achieve relative date (today, yesterday etc)

I’m trying to display relatives date/hour (ex. if creation date = current date display: today, if not display day: “5”) but I couldn’t get it. Can someone help me find out?

Well, I got it by making a text “today” hidden to show up when “creation date - current date:formatted as days is 0”. Now I have to do one for “yesterday” and another for display other dates.

It would be good to chain some conditions in 1 workflow (if this or else statement)

It’s broken - more days are being considered “today”, trying to find out why

I had to use :extract day on both, now it’s sooo cute :slight_smile:
= 0 for today, -1 for yesterday and the image value for all other days



So I had to list down items from the database and have them grouped by Today, Yesterday, Past Days.

The problem: comparing items with date (e.g. created date) and you don’t get a match up because of the time part.

Solution: I created a field of type text and store a copy of the date without the time. I then created a repeating group and get all the unique date text from our new field. After establishing all the dates, I added a new repeating group within the first repeating group to contain the items matching every date text. Additional conditional formatting may be needed for headings on each group (e.g. “Today”, “Yesterday”)



Very elegant solution

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Just a update: I don’t use visibility anymore, I just use 1 text element, and in “conditional” tab I use the “text” property to display today, yesterday etc


I have a slightly different version of this, but am also confused by something.

I have 2 elements:

Text element contains the date in my database that I want to display as Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow depending on today’s date.

Input element that is of content format ‘Date’. I use these conditions on the Text element to make it work:


What I dont understand is why the +1 day results in Yesterday and the +days -1 day results in Tomorrow.

Actually to be complete, this is how I implemented it:

I put the input field in the same repeating group is the text I want to manipulate (same initial value) and then hide it.

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Does anyone know a solution to mark days older than yesterday? I want to red flag any date that is past the due date + yesterday but the use of < seems to be pretty limited…

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Got the same issue. Any idea how to delete a listing that is overdue?

how to filter data base for today?
with a “date” database not text :slightly_smiling_face:

does not work :roll_eyes:

When you extract day it will remove month and year, so it won’t get the right date. I didn’t have a ready solution, but I’d start testing like “created date [equal <] current date - 12 hours”.

Or maybe creation date “< current time set hour to 00 minute to 00” It should find all selected things create this day after 0:00 hs.

Hi @lioktabriansyah you can filter your search for as you can seen in this print

In my case, i display a sum of data registered yesterday. In your case, you can do same, except the +day -1.