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[SOLVED] How to limit size of upload image

I woudl like to limit image upload size to 3MB, but when I check the ‘Limit image size’ box I don’t see how to choose the size I want to set as maximum?

Hi there, @darren.james7518… the file uploader element gives you the ability to limit the size of a file that is being uploaded. The checkbox you have highlighted on the picture uploader element resizes an image to 800x600 pixels if the image is larger than that (which should make the file size smaller, too).


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Thanks, so 'Limit image size’ refers to the viewable size (not the MB’s). In that case, how can I ensure a user doesn’t upload a large (MB) file?

Scrap that question, it’s fine. I just uploaded a 3.03MB image which was set to 'Limit image size’. The uploaded file was then reduced to 1.47kb so it is doing it job and suits my needs!