[SOLVED] Note to self: yes, I can send an email to a list of users

When I send an email to “Current Page Organization’s Supervisors’s email” and the supervisors are p.hil@gmail.com and ph.il@gmail.com (the period is in a different place), I was wondering why I was only receiving one email. I thought maybe Bubble was only sending to the first supervisor in the list of supervisors.

It turns out that Gmail is just smart enough to receive these as only 1 email. The reason I was confused is that when I do the same thing through the API, I get 2 separate emails, but of course, that’s because 2 separate emails are actually sent because the endpoint loops through 1 user at a time.

Anyway, this is all very obvious now, but I will probably forget at some point, so just wanted to make a note here.