[Solved] Page centering with the new dynamic layout


This is my first time building an app with the new dynamic page layout. It’s definitely taking some getting used to, but seems pretty helpful overall. Anyways, I’ve noticed that when I display my app in a web browser it stretches out the content (as it’s supposed to), but that creates a ton of real-estate to fill. This app doesn’t require a full screen, and when the content is stretched there is a lot of extra space in between items on the page. I think I’ve fixed this issue by creating a group with a fixed width and putting everything inside of that group.

The problem is that now by default it is all aligning to the left side of the page. When I go into the responsive viewer it says that the reason for this is the right padding of this new group is set to 3 and the left is 0. I’ve look everywhere, and I can’t find a setting for the padding. How do I edit that value so the group will always stay centered on the page at higher resolution?


Of course as soon as I post this I discover the problem. Apparently when I created the group I didn’t drag the edges to the full width of the page…


Well your post still saved my day so thank you !