[Solved] Removing items from saved checklist


I have a repeated group with dynamically listed checkbox cells from which my users select which variables correspond to them and then hit “save” to save to the corresponding field in the database for that user.

Adding to the database works fine but removing and item which a user has previously checked doesn’t get saved… Going crazy after hours of trying, re-trying and trying more :slight_smile:

I have one workflow set up like this:

and one like this:

and then finally the save button’s workflow is:

I have followed the below two tutorials to try and solve my problem but with no success.

Anyone think they know what I’m doing wrong and able to help? Much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

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While you can do this, I would suggest doing it with one icon instead. Have a workflow that is conditional and will only work when the item is within the database.

If it is clicked it can run through two scenarios bases on the workflow.

Thank you @josh10! This sure was an easier way to solve it, big thanks :smiley:

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