Some font awesome codes not working

We found that certain font awesomes cannot be called. Is there a hack or trick to make it work?

Text [fa] fa-arrow-right [/fa]

not working:
Text [fa] [fa-brands] fa-microsoft [/fa]
Text [fa] [fa-solid] fa-arrow-right-from-bracket [/fa]

The built-in icons are from fontawesome v4, there aren’t variants like in the last version.

is there a way to update it to later versions so the codes work?

You can try to look for plugins, or follow the normal installation documentation on fontawesome website. Any solution can’t work natively with bubble bbcode.

I would recommend

If this is the sort of thing that bothers you, I’d suggest upvoting this idea on the Bubble Ideaboard for Font Awesome icons to be updated to the latest version natively in Bubble.

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thanks, i upvoted. It already had over 20 votes

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We found that putting
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

in a HTML element in the global header/footer of your bubble project seems to work and override the old font awesomes