Some text value cannot be sent anywhere


I’ve faced some mind-breaking issue. My goal is simple - send events to GA4. I’ve set up API connector to mock to test things before I switch it to google analytics and I’ve realized my google client id isn’t sent while it’s definitely acquired.

So here we are:

  1. Simple Browser Cookie plugin - Plugins | Bubble
  2. Cookie A element of this plugin
  3. When user clicks on a button - I get _ga cookie value and display it
  4. When I try to send this value to API Workflow to call API Connector after - it doesn’t send anything

Then in debug reasons I have tried to create a test record in test table with cookie’s value - and there’s nothing, literally nothing, while value is easily displayed as text on a page. I’ve tried different ways of sending - all with the same result. I’ve tried sending Cookie A’s Cookie value directly, set a variable with it’s value, referred to result of step as text - all return nothing, while it appears as text value on a page:

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 15.20.35

This is a regular Workflows, so they should be consequential:

Also tried to set this value a state - and text on page refer to this value. Done flawlessly. But when I refer to this value in data creation step - nothing in test field.
When I add :format as JSON-safe - empty string is created (“”)

Yet if I send this Cookie A data to a group (e.g. in input field) - it’s properly added there.

And what’s more concerning - using debug tools shows that it has a data to add, yet it sends empty value:

It seems like a very stupid mistake from my side, but where?

I see exact same issue with cookies with another plugin - Reading and Using Cookies data in bubble workflow

Is it cookie related?

Hey mnezaikin.subs I have the same issue, still can not figured out what happen with cookies tho. But I found my solution by using this Local storage plugin instead. You can set the expiration date if needed so it super useful for me.

Hope this will help.

Local storage plugin

Afaik, local storage didn’t work for me, but it works if cookie value is passed to input field. So what do I do?

  1. Get cookie’s value
  2. Display it in group A (type of text)
  3. Group A has Text A element with value of ‘parent group value’
    When I need to propagate cookie value - I send Text A value.

Pretty messy, but definitely works.

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