Someone deleted all my apps

So my whole staff team has access to one of my bubble accounts that has all of our clients apps are on. They all got deleted. Im not sure how but it was probably a staff member that was mad. Is there anyway a bubble admin or staff could restore my bubble account to a previous date?? (not this account by the way)

I don’t think this is possible, might be best to email support (mailto:[email protected]).

I think once an app is deleted, it’s deleted for good. I’d do what @marcusandrews suggested and reach out to [email protected]

Ok thanks alot! Ill try it.

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Wait, I just checked, All the links still work.

To confirm, is it that the apps were not appearing in your dashboard?

Commonly (and slightly frustratingly) the dashboard can take a while to load all of the apps in your account when you have a high number. If that happens, give it 15 seconds or so to completely load.

Regardless, a good reminder to have good organizational controls when you have multiple users associated with an app/account. Hope all is well.

No, ive left the page open for about 20 min and all my other staff members have seen them gone too.

Did Bubble get back to you? It might be a good idea to submit a bug report. Bubble has also been playing up on me a bit, when I’m working with groups. Maintenance maybe?

Could be. I contacted them and asked if they could revert my account.

Ok now I see a use case for downloading and uploading an app code. I know it doesn’t help now but something to consider if you get back up to download and securely store copy of the apps.


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