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Sort by Change which field doesn't work

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to sort a Dropdown list.

The Datatype I’m listing has four fields. Two of those are referenced.
I want to sort the Dropdown list from the referenced field but Bubble doesn’t show it on the Sort by:

It has an option Sort by Change which field which I was not able to use properly.
I’m trying to do a Search for and get in on the Datatype Model which is referenced on the Datatype Year (the datatype from which I’m getting the information to display on the dropdown list) to get the name of the Datatype Model and sort it, but it doesn’t work that way.

Basically, I want to sort the list by A-Z and Bubble is giving me only the fields that are on the Datatype Year which are the year and the year-id.

Any idea how to sort by name?

Thanks in advance.