Sort by last active

I use the simple user management template by @billychartanto

I would like to sort the user list by last active.

I managed to add a new field in user data which adds the last active data using this tutorial.

Now I would like to sort the list by last active.

I appreciate your help!

I’m not sure what you’re asking…?

To sort by the Last Active field you just sort by the Last Active field…

Are you having a problem with this somewhere? If so, what’s the problem?

Yes, I tried to use the sort by last active but it gives this error “The data you’re displaying is a list of users, while it should be a single user”

I don’t understand where how to apply the filter in case of this template, it seems I’m missing a detail.

Are you using a repeating group? Share some screenshots of your setup.

I think it’s not a repeating group. The user profiles get listed individually, I don’t know how.

That error has got nothing to do with sorting…

It’s because you’re trying to load a list of Users as Group’s Data Source (which you can’t do… Group Data can only be a single thing).

It’s not clear from your question or screenshot what you’re trying to do?..

But if you’re loading a single User, then sorting doesn’t make any sense (you can’t sort a single thing).

And if you’re intending to display data for a list of users then you’ll need to use a RepeatingGroup for that.

Makes sense, I don’t get how the template works. As you see on the first screenshot, all users are in a list and the item is called Group User List.

The goal is to make last active users show on top of the list.

As I said, Groups can’t be used for lists (that’s what RepeatingGroups are for)

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Oh ok thanks!