Sort by the number of elements in a list

So i want to display the people that have the most followers in the same page.
In my database, I have set up the “following” field who is a list of users.

So I thought to use a repeating group and then for the data source, do a search for users and then sort out by the number of followers (descending).
However, it seems that it can’t be done and you can’t like sort ouf based on the number of elements in a field.
So do you have any ideas on how I could display the users with the most followers ?

Thank you very much !!


Better to establish a number field to keep the count. Update as followers are added or removed.

Performant and light :grinning:


Thank you, I was wondering why what I was looking for was not available on Bubble but I guess it it how bubble works. Thanks Iwill go with your answer

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