Sort data by Zip Code

I am using the Marketly template and only need to change two main features. In the “Add Product” Group i want to add a field for the product’s zip code, and on the main feed i want the user to be able to see products sorted by the proximity to the current user’s zip code/location. The template’s main feed has a dropdown in which users can sort by date added, price etc. but I want to change this to "distance from zip code.’ What’s the simplest way to do this?

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Hey there in order to do this you’ll need to enable an option on your Data Source to show close to the user’s location.

Make sure you choose the Choices Style, Geographic places to make this work.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 7.50.25 PM

  • You technically would not have to change the elements, just the “Prefer Results Around” on the Data Source.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 7.38.29 PM

Reading your request again, in order to add, add the product zip code just navigate to the
“input forums” and select a search box.

  1. Place the search box into the Group
  • It will be easier to place the search box near the drop down in the “main feed” and right click your mouse and “add to group”. This the best way to make sure the zip search is anchored to the group.
  1. Obviously the next step is to click on the field and follow the “Data Source” instructions as described above.

** It this is confusing, there’s a that covers how to configure based on user location. They offer training at just $89.00 per month a lot of good detail about everything you mentioned here.

** Let me know if you need more detail, just go step by step here.

Thanks for the response. I appreciate you. There is no “add to group” option when you right click on the search bar. I had to draw it inside the group and even then when you click on the search bar theres nothing that shows me i can select “Current user’s current location.” That isn’t one of the choices in the “prefer results around” dropdown. You didn’t give me half baked information so that i would pay for a course correct?