Sort images into a repeater group, so that it starts from the second item

I have a group here on the left where the fist item is shown and then there’s the repeater group where it also takes the images, but I want to know how I can make the repeater group start from the second image, so that it has the first large image and the other 4 smaller ones in the repeater group.


  1. Add a 1px*1px RG somewhere on your page. Set the data source to list ALL pics - you can call it something like RepeatingGroup All Pics
  2. Set the large image on the left to display that RepeatingGroup All Pics:first item
  3. And for your RG on the right of the page, set the data source to RepeatingGroup All Pics:items from 2
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I didn’t know it was so easy haha thank you very much

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