Sort list by average rating for items in that list


I have two data types: ‘Dates’ and ‘Reviews’ as shown.

A ‘Review’ is its own data type but links to a particular ‘Date’.

I display a list of ‘Dates’ in a repeating group, and calculate the average rating of the Date by searching for all ‘Reviews’ related to that ‘Date’, and calculating the average ‘Rating’ (field under each ‘Review’. But since ‘Reviews’ are a different data type I am unable to sort the RG by the average rating.

How can I do this?

I would try having a repeating group that lists “Reviews.” You can then sort that list by “Date.” Finally, you can add a filter to sort by average “Rating.” Basically, which ever way you decide to set up the RG, you’ll need to add filters on top.

Thanks for the suggestion! But I’m still having a problem…I set the RG to search for ‘Reviews’, and made it only list unique dates which is working. But when I try to sort it doesn’t give me the option of ‘Date’ , and not sure I understand how I would then apply Filters to sort by Average Rating. Here’s what I have now:

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