Sort list of fields in a datatype

I have a datatype for a quiz that someone is taking, where they are answering a number of questions on a scale of 1-5. Each response is stored in a separate field, such as q1 = 4 and q2 = 5 and so on, and this has been working excellently.

Now that people have been taking my quiz more, I want to sort these fields and trigger workflows based on the lowest field. For example, I would like to run a workflow passing the question “q1” as the parameter if that is their lowest score.

I am stuck figuring out a way for the lowest score to be set in the quiz process. How do I order/sort these fields in order to determine which question response was the lowest to pass along to the corresponding workflow?


Save the quiz score in one number field

Use sort descending “no” on the number field and select the first item

But the scores to each question are stored in a different field.