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Sorting based on conditional/calculation in Repeating Group

Hi everyone,
Please help me with sorting based on conditional/calculation in Repeating Group.

I tried using List Shifter Karma-Ware Plugin and RepeatingGroup Tool Plugin.
I didnt not find similar examples.

Any help is appreciated.


Add a number field to your data type and place the result of your calc there. Sort your rg using that field.

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hi @cmarchan thanks for your response. But I didn’t understand what you are trying to convey.
To clarify, I am listing users (opposite gender) in the RG. I have different table for their quiz answers. I have to Sort the users based upon how many similar (common) answers they have.
In RG, I have placed input and checkbox for the count of similar answers. I thought I could achieve this with checkbox or any field somehow. But I just ended with no result and frustration.

Problem, is with Sorting (Dynamic field). As soon as I put condition in Dynamic field sorting, it stops working, shows “No Record”.

Wow! Searches within filters and sorting :eyes:

I would submit that other than what I suggested before (which is about turning a calculation into a number ….which I guess does not apply in this situation….) …. the logic placed on this operation if at all possible depending on the nr of entries in your dB is overloaded with finding things in too short a time.

@cmarchan Thanks for your response.
Actually I’m new with bubble and not finding any solution.

Hi all,
I’m still struggling, please help.
I need to sort user based upon no. of answers matched with current user.

@romanmg are you able to look into this and help?

Thank you for your help.

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