Sorting difficulties for a repeating group

Hi everyone,

In this app Pif Club | Bubble Editor I am interacting with the user’s bottles.

In this specific page I want to sort the bottles (things in the table RELAT_CELLA_BOTTLE_USERS) of a user thanks to the wine_estate data which is a characteristic of these bottles as you can see here:

But when I do a DO A SEARCH in the conditions of my repeating group (I want to sort with different parameters this is why I used the conditions) I don’t have any access to the data Wine_estate in order to sort those bottles:

Could you please help me?
@Newed if you have any idea that would be great.

I have thought about a TYPE problem at first but everything seems ok.

You can’t natively sort a list by an attribute of a related thing…

This simplest way around this (usually) is to duplicate whatever field of the related thing it is onto the parent thing, to use for sorting (you just need to ensure you keep it in sync with the value on the related thing).

Alternatively, take a look at the Floppy plugin, which has features allowing you to sort a list by some other list: Floppy: localStorage, List Shifter Plugin | Bubble

Thanks a lot @adamhholmes I will try that.

This is so surprising that Bubble does not allow us to do so.