Sorting repeating group cells

I have a repeating group that is loading data - I want to sort this data by a field on the table (which is an option set), however, it will only let me choose Created Date, Modified Date or Slug.

The field I want to sort by is ‘Ranking’ which contains an Option Set (OS Ranking). OS ranking has options 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. I would be sorting by either the Display or number of the option set

You can do it by choosing Change which Field , then choose the Ranking and then the number

This question comes up in the forum on almost a weekly bases, and the short answer is (as it’s always been) that you can only sort a list of Things by fields on the actual datatype, and not by fields on a related datatype, in vanilla Bubble.

So there are two solutions:

  1. Just add the sort field onto the actual datatype, and sort by that.

  2. Use the ListShifter plugin’s Sort feature.

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Thanks adam,

For Solution 1, I thought I was doing this by having field ‘ranking (Type: OS Ranking)’ on the Depth Chart table? Or do you saying I need to store OS Ranking’s number as a number on the Depth Chart thing?

Yep, you need to store the number directly on the Main datatype, as you can’t sort by a child datatype’s (or option set’s) number field.

Or Floppy’s count/sort feature if the field is numeric.


Did this, and will test Keiths LiftShifter for some other stuff

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