Sound weird but it is what it is

I have two type of users: User and user. All the data I’ve put it in the user data is types like profile picture, hobbies etc. and the other User is for email, password and signing up stuff.
The way I see it is that: User is a one person signing up and user is all the other users.
Now, should I move all the other data in user to User and set a new data field in user called user of type User?? lol

If you really want to eliminate the secondary user: You should create fields of fake user data type in the actual User datatype (like profile picture, hobbies etc.) And transfer the data with either a backend workflow on a scheduled time or right away. Then, you update your app structure of course.

However, naming the fake one user makes it complicated. You can leave it as is and name it something like UserData and you can keep the current structure as well. I think there is nothing wrong with that.

But when I want to create a profile edit page for the user. I don’t know what data type the group should involve.

It will involve the original user of course, the one you use for registration stuff. When they want to edit the profile picture, you will update Current User's User Data's Profile Picture. Once you have the actual user, you have access to the User Data as well if you set it up nicely in the registration.