Spacebar not working for a user

This might be an odd question. On my app’s website, my spacebar works just fine. Many people use the app without any issues. I have one user who says she always has problems with her spacebar not working on our site, but it works fine on all other sites. Our site is the only one she has issues with. So=I=often=get=messages=like=this=from=her.

If it would not be for the fact she says it works fine everywhere else I would not be concerned and just think it’s her computer. My worry is that she is not alone, and others are having the issue and they just don’t say anything and stop using the app.

She says she uses Chrome web browser. Has anyone heard of an issue like this before?

I have a Mac and it works fine on both Safari and Chrome for me.

What element is she typing in (a standard Bubble multiline input, or some richtext editor?)

Normal Bubble Multiline input.