Splitting text into separate inputs


I’ve got an app where I get a list response from ChatGPT of 5 different things. The response always has a list with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

I’m wondering if anyone knows any way that I could split this response into 5 separate input fields? I thought the ‘split by:’ might do it but doesn’t seem to be powerful enough.

Greatly appreciate any thoughts!

Hi there, @nickhutton13… I haven’t tried to test this and it might be a bit hacky, but could you do a find and replace (using the regex pattern [0-9]) to replace the digits with a character and then split by the character and get the individual items for the separate inputs?


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Thanks for the response @mikeloc , super helpful.

I ended up getting the response from ChatGPT to end in a semi-colon each line and then used the split by option. Works nicely.