Sponsored implementation of Payfort

Hi all

We are looking for a freelance developer to help us implement Payfort in one of our apps. Payfort’s API is available here: https://docs.payfort.com.

Please reply to this thread or PM to discuss further. Shared sponsoring is also interesting if anyone else needs this.

I am also interested in this @petter
I’m willing to share sponsor this.

Please anyone else interested in implementing PayFort for bubble please let us know here.

I would like to mention a few experts in bubble that might be able to help us implement this as a sponsored plugin.


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I’ll take a look at the docs and let you guys know!


Thanks @romanmg :slight_smile:

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Hi @petter,
Did you find a solution with payfort integration? I need also, of course with sponsoring or buying a ready solution

Oh my god, why? That documentation is so terrible. There’s no way the underlying system is any good. Use something else.

Hi @knaub.kirill1

I ended up with another system, as Payfort were horribly slow to process the application. There were months of waiting with hardly any progress.

Which country are you in?

If you’re based in UAE or another ME country, then https://www.tap.company/ were very quick to respond and help with implementation. They are based in Kuwait.

If you’d like to stick with Payfort, then I would check out the API Connector plugin for Bubble. It will allow you to connect to most API’s without too much trouble.

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On thing you should know is that Bubble uses a dynamic IP unless you have a dedicated server, which means that you can’t use the Telr gateway. I burned several weeks going down that road.

No idea if you were contemplating using it, but thought I should mention it.

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thx for your answer @petter

Yes, we are based in UAE and working with international payments (europe, usa). I’ll ask them more about accepting payments & fees.

No worries. Feel free to share your decision here, I see questions about UAE payment gateways keep popping up from time to time.

Hey @knaub.kirill1 & @petter

I am currently visiting from Toronto. I will be in Dubai for several days. Are you guys interested in meeting up? Maybe we can help each othet

Ah, I’d love to, but I’m traveling and not back in Dubai until the end of August unfortunately :confused: