SQL Connector Plug-in timing out

I’ve been trying for the last 2 days to get a SQL database connected, but have just failed miserably in doing so. I’ve tried creating MySQL and PostgreSQL on AWS and GCP, and also created a server on ScaleGrid, all with no luck. The error I consistently get is that the request timed out, and I don’t see any errors on the SQL logs, so I’m guessing bubble can’t find it somehow. Has anybody ran into this issue before? What are SQL providers you use that you haven’t had issues with?

If you post your SQL connection string for AWS/MySQL someone might be able to spot the issue. You could gray out the credentials.

@macdoyle34 Please see this post: Unable to connect to AWS RDS MySQL with SQL Database Connector Plugin - #7 by ben13

You have to create a firewall rule that allows a connection from any IP address.

To answer your next question, Microsoft Azure and AWS are both popular and (usually) straightforward platforms to setup a SQL Server.