SQL Database Connector connection issues

SQL Database Connector connection issues
If you specify the OFFSET parameter in the request, then the request works http://joxi.ru/v291dZEf4EllO2.
But if you change the OFFSET parameter to dynamic http://joxi.ru/VrwwWOLToBY3dr, then the request stops working and returns an error http://joxi.ru/82QapdgI8PvW72
Has anyone solved this problem?

You could give our plugin a try, we built it to solve issues we ran into with free connector: SQL Database Connector Pro Plugin | Bubble

Does your plugin support the OFFSET statement?

Yes. All valid SQL statements are supported. However I haven’t specifically tested offset. If you find there is an issue and it isn’t working properly, I can fix it right away for you.

The documentation is here if you want to look it over first: Introduction - SQL Database Connector Pro

I have read your documentation. I need to use OFFSET statement in Get data from external API. And from your documentation it follows that only the Action is available in your plugin.

Try using OFFSET $1 and not OFFSET ?

still an error

@emmanuel Can you make corrections to the plugin?

I think something might be wrong on your query somewhere. I just had a chance to test the OFFSET $1/number syntax as you have in your recent query and it worked with no problem (through their connector).

Did you do a test for MySQL? If not, try making a test for MySQL. It’s not just me that has this problem. Thanks to.

Variables $1 do not work for me in any request. Works requests only with variables?

I decided to not be lazy this morning and setup and test this syntax on a MySQL DB. You are correct that there is an issue with the offset variable.

Also as a note your original ? mark syntax is correct for MySql variable replacement, however when putting the variable in the offset it does incorrectly add quotes around the number which causes the error.

I know these Bubble errors can really hold up a project so I banged my head against the wall trying a number of different syntax formats to find a solution for you, none of which worked. Your best option is to email support and let them know you have a confirmed bug and ask them to make a fix.

Alternatively, if there is a way for your app to set a state variable rather than get data from API you could look into the plugin I mentioned (it is for reasons just like this one that we created it in the first place).

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Thanks, you confirmed my guess. I already wrote to the support service, waiting for a response.

I’m posting a Bubble support response here. To not waste time in vain.

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Thanks for circling back around on this for the benefit of others. That response really doesn’t make any sense to me, but as I previously mentioned, it’s for exactly that kind of reason that we built our plugin and made it available for others.

Did you find a solution? I’m currently having the same issue. I need to use dynamic offset for pagination. Thanks!

@borjaobeso1 The only solution that I am aware of is to use our paid plugin (linked above). The official Bubble response was that they don’t support the OFFSET statement.

plugin does not support dynamic offset. I enlisted the help of a programmer who wrote a SQL query handler. The SQL Database Connector plugin is not suitable for the work done, it has many limitations.

@wwweb2401 or use our plugin noted above which does support dynamic offset.