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SQL database connector : get message back from stored procedure #mysql

I try to call a stored procedure with 3 parameters IN + 1 parameter OUT.( p_message_out for eg)

SQL connector doesn’t like the OUT parameter so I’ve been advised to set all my parameters as IN parameters and to do a select at the end of my procedure to get my data back.
I did that and set my Query in the connector as “use as both”
I manage to call my procedure that executes perfectly but no way to get the answer back.

Did anyone manage to get answer from stored procedure that were called for action ?

Below, screen shots and message to support
1/ in my SQL , I did not set any OUT parameters as It is not allowed by your plugin
I set 4 parameters as In parameters and at the end of procedure I wrote a select to get the answer in the last parameter :

SET p_MessageOut=‘everything not so good’;
SELECT p_MessageOut;

If I call it I get :

2/ In bubble plug in , I initialized my procedure call like this :

3/ in the workflow
First I call my procedure

4/ Then I try to get the result back : how to do it ?
I set a group to receive the response :

And I tried to display it :

hey @damien.laborie, I came across your post. Did you figure it out?

@damien.laborie: Were you able to Use the stored procedures? I am trying to use it but it doesn’t seem to return any results.

I´m facing the same problem with stored procedures