SQL Database Connector issue: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1


Tell me what it means:

SQL Database connector problem: the number of columns does not match the number of values in row 1

Everywhere I have 3 columns indicated.

At first I had 4 fields, but I had to delete the ID, since it cannot be drunk in ff. Maybe it affected?


@stringer.popov Your issue here is the syntax of your INSERT. You are trying to insert data into 3 columns but only specifiying 2 values, hence the error “Column count doesn’t match value count”.

If you look closely you specify the columns as: (name,surname,age) but then in values you only give 2 question marks (?,?). You need to specify 3 values (?,?,?) and this error will go away.

Thanks, I’ve already figured that out.
And where can I find instructions on the syntax of inserts?