SQL Database Connector using returned vales from insert

hi there.

I’m using a postgresql db on AWS. When I insert a record, I want to use the value returned by the SQL statement

So, for example, I have a SQL Query in the SQL Database plugin config

insert into assessments (uid, assess_name, assess_type, customer, created_on) VALUES
($1, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’,$2)
returning uid;

As you can see, I am only inserting one row.

However the when I try use the returned data in bubble, it thinks it’s a list on values?

What am I not understanding? I just want to use the single returned uid in the next page


Yes, I use MySQL and it works the same way. Everything that is returned comes back in list form, even if it’s a list of one. You should be able to use the “:first item” option on the list to get the returned_uid.

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Thanks joeyg - I’ll give that a try