SQL Query plugin won't take more than 1 where clause

It seems that if you are using the SQL connector plugin, it doesn’t work if you have more than 1 thing in the where clause such as

where field1 = @field1
AND field2 = @field2

Can someone verify this? If this is accurate, then this is a big problem…

That is due to parameter binding, yes a limitation.

There’s a few workarounds possible, depending on how many parameters you want to send and what you want to do with them.

How would I go about using 2 or maybe three parameters in where clause?

Oops I misread your original post as wanting to put multiple parameters in one binding.

Your example should work, assuming there’s no errors in the rest of the query. You might need to put the whole query on one line. Do you get a meaningful error message?

No, my actual sql statement is something like

Update table a
set columna = o,
columnb = getdate()
where columnc = @parameterc
and columnd = @parameterd

This doesn’t seem to ever execute, but if I take the where clause down to just ‘where columnc = @parameterc’ then it seems to work… it is like it doesn’t like more than 1 parameter in the where clause. Thoughts?

Can you get multiple parameters to work on a SELECT query? Use that to test the WHERE clause returns some rows …

What do you mean by this, an error message, or a successful result with no update?

It appears to execute but if you go look at the data, nothing was updated…

Do rows return to Bubble using a SELECT with the same WHERE condition?