Square OAuth Access

Trying to setup square access. I’ve gotten the API Connector to receive the Access Token but it still says its not setup correctly and that the access token is missing. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong. Here are some screen shots and squares API for this

Finally got this by trial and error. In case anyone is having issues with setting up Square. This is what I had to do.


Is this still working for you?

In case anyone else is running into this issue.

User ID key path == merchant.id because it’s a json, and you can access inside the json using the “.” <<__ this is a big deal and I haven’t found it documented very welll.

User email key path is “merchant.owner_email” → it looks like this may have changed from the time this thread was posted.

Hi @bryce.murray & @rmrosek,

Not sure if this is something you are still interested in but we’ve just released a specific Square OAuth plugin to help you get this set up very easily, including detailed documentation.

Check it out and let us know: Square OAuth Plugin | Bubble



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