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Square radio button

Is there a way to display the radio button sqare instead of round ?

It seems there is no way of making the radio button square. But you can use shapes, groups and icons as a replacement. Using shapes/groups you can do this f.i.:

  1. Create a shape (A) with a grey background (or the color you want), without a border but a roundness of f.i. 7.

  1. Create a second slightly bigger shape (B) without a background but a border of the same color as step 1 and a roundness of 10.

  1. Place Shape B over Shape A

  1. Double click on Shape B to display the details and click Create/Edit workflow.
  2. Choose the “Element Actions - Toggle” action


  1. Select Shape A

Now when you click Shape B it will look like a radiobutton being selected or deselected.

In order to have the classical radiobuttons which will automatically deselect when another radiobutton is clicked use conditionals and f.i. custom states to hide or display the shapes.

Thank you very much for this approach.
Or for this one approach :wink:

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