SSL Certificate


I am having difficulty with the SSL certificate. We have the original domain name on GoDaddy, and we purchased and SSL for the domain back when we bought the domain. I see that you are offering the SSL through the professional plans. I choose the address because we have that email set up on the domain. I have not received an activation email like what I’ve read in a previous thread. I get this error when I try to activate my SSL

Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance for your replay.

This looks like a bug. I suggest filing a bug at to make sure it gets seen by the dev team quickly.

Like magic, it just started working as support got back to me. I guess it just took time, but the error message was confusing. So if any editors would like to look into why that would be happening so not to confuse other bubblers. So far so good though and I love the software.

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