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Stacked bar with Chart Element plugin

Hi, I would like to create a stacked bar using Chart element plugin. For different heights, exist different results. I would like my web to count the ammount of every result and then classify by heights showing a stacked bar.

In this example products=heights and color bars would be the :count of every kind of result. (Forget about 2 bars per product)

Is it possible with this or another plugin?
Thank you.


Hi @vicgarri95 ,
Yes possibe with custom plugin.
I think, its not available in the existing plugins.

You need to use chartjs for your solution.

May be this can help you

It is not an easy chart, a stacked and grouped bar chart. Maybe send a message to @Thimo, he created the ApexCharts.js-plugin and might be able to help you.

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There are plugins that offer this

Checked more but unable to identify the plugins that provide the solution for this thread.
can you share the plugin details?

Chart Tools: Examples here, here and here - I think one of the examples shows this feature and there should be links to the editors too.

You can play with the charts in preview to try out the options.

So definitely I need to pay for Chart.js or Apex charts to obtain that kind of chart isn’t it?

Thank you all

I think both the Bubble plugins mentioned are premium plugins, yes… but you don’t need to pay anything to Chart.js or Apex

And (sorry if this is so obvious) how could I add that Chart.js charts to my app?
Thank you.

Chart.js is a JavaScript framework for charts.
You can embed it into your app directly (code it in yourself, if you can code), or your use a plugin to do that for you.

Chart Tools is built using Chart.js, so is the native Bubble chart plugin and others too. How much you can achieve with the framework inside Bubble varies from plugin to plugin.

Or you use a different framework via a different plugin - e.g. Apex

So it depends on your coding ability.