Star rating saving data correctly to user evaluation

Hi everyone ,
i need your help to save result of rating currectly

You should have a data type for reviews to track the ratings of each review, then when you want to display the total average rating can use the data type of reviews each items rating average to display the total rating of the user. On your reviews data type you want to have a field that is of type user to relate the review to a user.

Thank you,
i did corectlly the rates of each order in my data type “order” this ok for me.
(this rates is about the Agent behaveur during doing the order and its created by the user who create the order after the job is done)

the Agent is User also but deferunt type ( Agent)
i need to add to his total evaluation ( in Data Tyoe " User" the value of the rates for the jobe in “order” done by him and created by deferunt user

i hope you got me :slightly_smiling_face:
i mean the value of rates now gose to the user who creat the order not to the user ( Agent) who did the job !

Thanks dear

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