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🆘 [Steam Complete] Plugin does not show any options after being purchased

Hi, I have purchased “Steam Complete” and set up valid API keys for both Steam and Ottho. I am not getting any of the plugin actions like :point_down:

See screenshot of my app options, there are no steam actions - image

Have a pretty massive app, so not sure if I can share the dev link publically. Could you please help?

I am also not getting any official steam buttons too.


Hi, this is a curious issue, can you please check that the plugin is correctly installed on the app and not just subscribed first?

If so, please send me a link in PM and temporarily add my account as a collaborator: [email protected] and I’ll take a look.


I see it as following on the plugin tab, that means it is installed right?

It also says this:

I do not have a professional plan to add you as a collaborator but can we do a screen share if that works?

I will DM you.