Steps using deleted custom states should be flagged instead of removed

It’s nice that steps using deleted custom states are automatically removed.

But I find it’s usually an oversight and these should be flagged.

Am I missing something?

I believe there’s currently no way to search for steps using a specific custom state, so it’s difficult to ensure things are properly handled before removing a custom state.

Either flag these out, or let us have an option to search for steps using a custom state.

P.S. I’m aware we can search for the elements carrying these custom states, but sometimes there could be many UI dependencies on these elements, so it’s hard to filter the custom state dependencies.

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Sometimes what works for me is deleting the custom state, letting the issue checker flag issues, click on the first issue, then click on back button so as to restore the custom state and then I can see how it was used in the area flagged by the issue checker…then I can remove it or alter it as needed…then delete custom state again, look at issue checker, click first issue, restore custom state etc…

Following this process is a bit tedious but only slightly more than doing a search and seeing where the custom state was used as it just causes use to delete custom state and restore between clicks to navigate to areas where the custom state was used to then alter its’ use.