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Stop group from floating when it reaches a page position or another element

Hi guys!

I have a floating group on he right side of a page. I want the element to float till it reaches another element or a page position, then stop floating. Similar to the Airbnb Experience page ( ). Is this possible within Bubble?

Thanks in advance!

You can hack this by hiding the floating group when “current page scrolling position” is at a specific Y coordinate value and show a static group in the same position.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Hi Gaby,

Thanks! :)I just discovered that and have implemented this, so I’m halfway there. However, I have some elements that shrink/stretch, so the position would have to be dynamic. Is there a way to pull the current position of another element and reference this in the workflow?

You can use a Group Focus to hold the static stuff since that element uses a reference element for placement.

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Thanks a bunch. I’ll give it a try and report back. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I was playing around with floating and group focus using sliders aswell, that made it possibe to travel up down left and right… pretty cool

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Great idea with using the Group Focus. This kept my static element in place. i did however have to estimate the current page position (for hiding and unhiding the static element) as the other elements on the page stretch.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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