Store PDF in database and display it

Hello everyone,

I am using the plugging of “PDF & Screenshot Pro · BEP” to create pdf documents. Creation process works fine and I can download the PDF on my computer. I need to store the pdf in bubble database and display it when I click on a button but so far I have not succeeded in finding a solution. I need the pdf as a file so that users can view the pdf later.

I have two options here.

  1. How to extract the pdf from URL and store it in bubble?
  2. How can I display the PDF created when the user click on a button ?

Appreciate if anyone can share info on how to do this.


  1. Use the “save to bubble” option when creating the pdf (you can uncheck the “download” option if you only want to store it.
    Then create another workflow "when PDF/IMG saved
    and store “this PDF” in your database (as file type of field)

  2. in order to display it, just add an html element with this content

<embed src= "<put here dynamic data with your file url>" width= "100%" height= "100%">

Thank you for your help @ilanmichalby, it works !

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