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Store temporary data to Current User who IS NOT logged in?

Anyone know of a way to do this?
For a teaser sequence, I want something to happen after a button is clicked X number of times.

  • I need the state to be relational to Current User though- because the button count will not be the same for every user… but I want it to apply to users who aren’t actually “users” as well…

Any thoughts/ past experiences on this? Possibly a custom token within bubble workflows?


Every user in Bubble is actually a “User” even if they’re not logged in, so you can make a data field for User and use Current User’s “clicks”. Although when they do log in, this will reset so maybe when they log in you can transfer Current User’s clicks to them.


Are you saying that users who are visiting the webpage for the first time - and have not created an account in any way - would still be considered “current users” based on the workflows? - that would great if that’s the case; I can likely work with that.

  • in terms of a data field; I’d rather not have click counts stored in the data base id rather store it somewhere else; financially speaking it wouldn’t be very viable for me (for this use case). This button will ideally be clicked an excessive amount of times haha :slight_smile: (it’s essentially a “tap to view next item” button)

Thanks for the response!

You can also use Custom states and create a “clicks” state for Current User.

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