Storing all data from API call to multiple records


I am sorry to ask another question that seems to have come up many times before, but I am not able to find any good answer. I am trying to save data from an API call as individual records to the database. For example, if the API returns 100 items, it should create 100 new records.

The trick seems to be using iterations, but I cannot figure out how to do this in Bubble. Basically, for each item in the API data, create a new thing.

Can somebody share the trick to getting this to work?

Many thanks in advance!

Schedule a backend workflows on a list. For each item in the list make a new record.

I had been searching for a day, but of course as soon as I post a messages I came across this great tutorial that explains exactly what I am trying to do: How to Save Data From an API to Your Bubble Database | Tutorials - YouTube