Strike Through Text

Any way to click an icon and strike through text? Like in a to-do list scenario?

Here’s one way to do it:

Say you have a Thing in your database called Task…

Title (text)
Completed (yes/no)

And then a repeating group for a list of Tasks. The text element inside the RG cell would be “current cell’s task title”, and then have a condition on that text: when current cell’s task completed is “yes” > change the text property…

New text property would be “[ s ]current cell’s task title[ /s ]” … without the spaces…so you are adding the BBCode for strikethrough.

Here it is in action: The checkbox is changing the completed field for the current cell’s task, thus changing the text property.


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Awesome thanks Gaby, works great!

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how did you make a circle checkbox?

It’s the checkbox that comes with the Ionic Elements plugin. Install that and it’ll show up in your elements list. That plugin also installs elements for icons, range slider, and toggle.

Very Nice thanks again!

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